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JACKOWIAK B. 1998. Spatial structure of urban flora. A methodological-cognitive study. Public. Department of Plant Taxonomy, AMU in Poznaniu. 8: 1-228. Bogucki Wyd. Nauk. Poznań.
The subject of the study is the spatial structure of vascular plant flora in a big city. The work has a cognitive and methodological character. It interprets the definition of flora and presents views on the status of a city as an ecological system. An analysis of works devoted to European cities has resulted in the classification of the purposes and methods of flora mapping and in the procedure of determining the spatial structure of urban flora. The basic elements of this procedure have been shown on the example of Poznań and Vienna. The discussion section presents a geobotanical conception of a town, according to which cities are centers of crystallization of an azonal and polycentric floristic-ecological system. An attempt has been made to generalize several floristic phenomena in the form of spatial models of species diversity, anthropophytization and hemoroby of urban flora, in the form of a thermoindicative model.
Key words:  city and town, vascular plants, spatial structure of the flora, Central Europe
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