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ŻUKOWSKI W., LATOWSKI K., JACKOWIAK B., CHMIEL J. 1995. The Vascular Plants of Wielkopolska National Park. Public. Department of Plant Taxonomy, AMU in Poznaniu. 4: 1-231. Bogucki Wyd. Nauk. Poznań.
The subject of this work is the flora of vascular plants in the Wielkopolska National Park. The Park is situated in Central Wielkopolska in the immediate vicinity of a big city - the town of Poznań. Since the beginning of the 19th century, in the area of 9,600 hectares the occurrence of 1,120 wild species and over 35 cultivated ones(not running wild)have been stated. In the characterization of the species, the frequency of occurrence, habitat scale in the studied area, as well as their geographical-historical status were taken into account. The given statistical data show a great diversity of the Park's flora. They also illustrate the degree of anthropogenic transformation of its species composition.
Key words:  chorology, vascular plants, flora, national park
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