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ŻUKOWSKI W., JACKOWIAK B. (eds.) 1995. Endangered and threatened vascular plants of Western Pomerania and Wielkopolska. Publication Department of Plant Taxonomy, AMU in Poznaniu. 3: 1-141. Bogucki Wyd. Nauk. Poznań.
In this work the "red list" of vascular plants for two regions of North West Poland: Western Pomerania and Wielkopolska (the Great Poland) have been given. The studied regions cover and area of 102,000 sq. km. The lists of endangered plants comprise respectively 540 species, i.e. 34.2% of the flora of Western Pomerania and 527 species, i.e. 37.8% of the flora of Wielkopolska. The number of extinct species is respectively: 51 and 45 taxa. On the ground of the analysis of the "red lists" the introductory estimation of the state of threat of the flora of this part of Poland has been presented. A special attention has been paid to the chorological, taxonomic and ecological aspects of plant extinction.
Key words:  vascular plants, synanthropization of the flora, "red lists", chorology and synecology, Poland
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