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JACKOWIAK B. 1993. Atlas of distribution of vascular plants in Poznań. Publication Department of Plant Taxonomy, AMU in Poznaniu. 2: 1-409.
In the work was shown distribution of 1223 species of vascular plants, which spontaneously occur or occurred in Poznań, in the 19th and 20th centuries. Poznań belongs to the largest and oldest towns of Poland. It constitutes the administrative, cultural and industrial centre of the western region of Poland - of the Great Poland. The local ranges of plants were shown in a method of cartogram. For rare and endangered plants all localities were marked but for species occurring more often - contemporary localities. Historical sites are differentiated according to ecological criteria. The supplement to cartograms are classification data, diagrams illustrating ecological spectrum of species and their correlation with the distinguished in the town complexes of utilization of space. In added list of flora, comprising 1300 species, the sources of archival data were given, and for rare species also historical localities.
Key words:  vascular plants, maps of distribution, cartograms, great town, synanthropization, Great Poland
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