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TOMA C. 2008. Carpological study of species of Alismatidae subclass (Helobiae ordo) occuring in Poland. Publication of the Department of Plant Taxonomy of AMU in Poznań. 16: 1-120.
Development of fruits of fresh water marshes plants, presently classified in the subclass Alismatidae and earlier in the order Helobiae, was studied. In total, 12 Polish species from 12 genera of the order Alismatidae were investigated. The carpels and fruits of Alismatidae demonstrate a diversified structure. Althogether, 47 morphological and anatomical features of fruits of taxa under investigation were analyzed. Furthermore, carpological keys enabling recognition of Alismatidae fruits were worked out. The phenetic similarity between the taxa of Alismatidae was established with the use a cluster analysis, multidemensional scaling and a dendrite method.
Key words:  Helobiae, Alismatidae, development, fruit, structure
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