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CHMIEL J. 2006. Plants of special care and valuable areas in the North-Eastern part of Wielkopolska. Publication of the Department of Plant Taxonomy of AMU in Poznań. 15: 1-97. Bogucki Wyd. Nauk.
The atlas comprises distribution maps of 66 chosen 'species of special care', i.e. those which particularly deserve various forms of protection. The group contains exclusively native taxa meeting at least one of the following criteria: (1) they are very rare or rare, (2) have a local status of 'CR' (critically endangered) or 'EN' (endangered), (3) their isolated localities are situated on the edge of their geographical range, (4) their local resources play an important role in the preservation of regional (i.e. in the whole Wielkopolska or the Kujawy Province), country or even global resources. The basic unit in a cartogram map, which may be considered as an equivalent of a given species locality, is a square of 2x2 km. In the description section concerning each of the species, a full set of data, a diagnosis of contemporary threats, legal status of localities protection and further preservation suggestions have been presented. The elaboration also comprises a catalogue of areas which need to be protected because of floristic reasons, i.e. such objects which are characterized by a presence of a relatively high number of the 'special care species'. A short description of these areas contains conditions of occurrence, main natural values, a diagnosis of most important threats and the proposed methods of protection.
Key words:  nature conservancy, vascular plants, species of special care, areas deserving protection, NE part of the Wielkopolska Province, Poland
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