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Scope of potential research offered for students aimed at B.Sc. thesis

  • Review elaborations on taxonomy, geography and ecology of plants;
  • Review elaborations on nature conservancy (species and spatial forms of protection);
  • Review elaborations on environmental protection and management (e.g. the environmental impact assessments);
  • Eco-physiographic descriptions of chosen areas in Poland;
  • Preliminary research projects (including first observations and experiments) within the above-mentioned general fields of interest.

Scope of potential research offered for students aimed at M.Sc. thesis

  • Variability and systematics of vascular plants (especially the following families: Apiaceae, Brassicaceae, Ericaceae, Malvaceae, Hypoxidaceae, Poaceae, Cyperaceae);
  • Population biology of invasive species (both in situ and ex situ investigations);
  • Species interactions between grasses, fungi and animals ;
  • Life histories of perennial plants;
  • Distribution, ecology and population resources of threatened and endangered vascular plants;
  • Anthropogenic transformations of floras;
  • Distribution, ecology and biology of segetal weeds (wild plant species growing on arable fields);
  • Distribution of medicinal plants in various habitat conditions;
  • Ecology of plants in urbanised areas (large cities);
  • Vascular plants currently accompanying the remains of medieval buildings and other archaeological excavations;
  • Nature conservancy projects, scientific documentation and management concepts for various kinds of areas or their parts (e.g. Nature Reserves, Natura 2000 sites, National Parks, Landscape Parks, Areas of Ecological Use etc.)
  • Environmental impact assessments of various projects and investments.
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